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Rick and Morty Merch

Wubba-lubba-dub-dub! Who doesn't love Rick and Morty? I spent several years of my career working as an art director and designer for Just Funky, a premier manufacturer of licensed merchandise. During this time I had the privilege of designing products for a number of awesome brands including Rick & Morty. I designed, illustrated, and provided art direction for a ton of products including, beverage-ware, blankets, jars, lunch boxes, bobbleheads, packaging, and more. I also created several original art assets.

Client: Adult Swim

Roll: Design/Illustration/Art Direction

Rick & Morty Merch

Rick & Morty Brian Crim Design

Original Assets

I created several art assets for Rick & Morty. This original illustration was used on several products including blankets, cups, pint glass sets, and more.

Rick & Morty Brian Crim Design

Morty Smith Mug

Aw jeez Rick is that a portal in my head? This was one of my first projects for Rick & Morty. After sketching up the concept and getting approval to move forward by the licensor, I directed the 3D designers at Just Funky to create a sculpted version of Morty Smith's noggin. I then designed the packaging. ​

Rick & Morty Brian Crim Design

Pickle Rick Jar

I turned myself into a pickle! This was one of my favorite projects for Rick and Morty and I love the way it turned out. It was sold exclusively at San Diego Comic Con.

Rick & Morty Brian Crim Design
Rick & Morty Brian Crim Design
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